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2006 - 2015

UKC CCH GRCH BIMBS / AKC CSG 'PR' Allen's Little Gold Magic

After a heartbreaking phone call on the morning of January 17th, it is with an extremely heavy heart that we announce that last night, Magic passed away in her sleep. It was highly unexpected but we are thankful for a healthy and peaceful passing.
Magic made a huge impact on the English breed and the people lucky enough to know her, the flood of condolences has been incredible. It's a heartbreaking event that no dog owner can escape but it never gets easier and with every individual dog there's an individual wound. 
Though she may be gone, she will be far from forgotten as her legacy lives on from Washington state to South Africa and so many places in between. She will be greatly missed by so very many. Our Champion in the ring and a Champion friend. Run free Magic. 

2007 wins:
Southern English Days Best Female of Show both days & Overall Queen of Show
Virginia State: Champion Female
BBOA Reunion: Champion Female
NC State: Champion Female Friday & Saturday
Michigan State: GRCH Female
English Days: GRCH Female Thursday & Saturday, & Queen of Show
Arkansas State: GRCH Female 
Kentucky State: GRCH Female

BBCHA Fall Roundup: GRCH Female Friday & Saturday
Kentucky State Benefit: GRCH Female

2007 Purina Race Breed Winner
UKC Top Ten #1 English Coonhound

2008 wins:
Winter Classic: GRCH English Female & Top Ten Breed Winner
Southern Redbone Days: GRCH Female, Friday & Saturday
South Carolina State: GRCH Female Friday & Saturday
North Carolina State: GRCH Female
BBCHA Spring: GRCH Female
Grand Bluetick Reunion: GRCH Female
Arkansas State: GRCH Female, Queen of Show
Kentucky Houndsman: GRCH Female Friday & Saturday
Plott Days: GRCH Female 
English Days: GRCH Female Thursday & Saturday, 
Queen of Show Thursday & Saturday
BBOA Blutick Days: GRCH Female
West Virginia State: GRCH Female Friday & Saturday
Texas State: GRCH Female, Opposite Sex Overall
Kentucky State: GRCH Female
World Show: #1 English Female
2008 Purina Race Breed Winner
2008 #1 Top Ten English Coonhound
2009 wins:
Grand American: GRCH English Female 
Winter Classic: Top Ten English Breed Winner 
English Days: Thursday & Friday GRCH Female, Thursday Queen of Show
2009 #4 Top Ten English Coonhound
2013 wins:
AKC Kentucky State Champion & GRCH Titled
AKC Supreme Grand Champion titled
2014 wins:
AKC World Championship Overall English Coonhound
AKC Sportsmix Race #1 English Coonhound of the Year
Kentucky Houndsmen Grand ChampionFemale
UEB&FA Vicki Hill Memorial Grand Champion Female & Overall Queen Of Show
UKC Top Ten #9 English Coonhound